Gather Miami Hand-Blown Glass Jug


When searching for inspiration for the Miami collection, Gather looked to Dutch still life paintings, moved by the intricate shapes and fantastical narratives that feature. Selected from the series is this jug, hand-blown in founder Phoebe Stubbs’ London studio. It’s a mood-boosting picture of summertime joy, staying true to the maker’s vision with an exaggerated handle, contrasting lip wrap and candy colour palette.

Product number: 2219701007

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Meet the Maker:


Before launching Gather in early 2020, Phoebe Stubbs worked part-time in the glass industry for around 13 years. During this time, she honed her expertise on the subject, specialising in everything from the act of hand-blowing to the science behind it. She works from her London-based studio where she takes inspiration from specific cultural moments – such as the ceramic tableware spotted in Dutch still life paintings – and repurposes them via a modern-day lens through candy-shop colour palettes and exaggerated details.