Forwood Design Faux Shagreen Bridge Set


Material alchemist Henry Forwood has always loved natural materials, training initially with wood before turning to shagreen. Resistant to use the real thing, he set out to find a way to replicate its exceptional texture in faux form. From the Vietnamese workshop, craftspeople follow his unique formula by moulding genuine, ethically sourced skins into resin and sanding them down to highlight the imprint of the spine. Each one is chosen to fit an object, and is always pressed, laid and finished entirely by hand.

Product number: 2215304022

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Meet the Maker:

Forwood Design

Husband-and-wife duo Henry and Lesa founded Forwood Design in 2011 from their home in Suffolk. Forever inspired by the beauty of nature, they conceptualise games and accessories centred around the flora and fauna of the great outdoors. A particular point of interest is shagreen, a type of leather typically from a stingray that Henry fondly remembers seeing in his grandmother’s collection of objects and mementos. So, when he mastered mould-making in the 1990s, he made it his mission to produce a pliable sheet of resin shagreen so realistic it would rival the real thing – and achieve that he certainly did.