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Bodman Blades Hand-Forged Curly Myrtle and Damascus Steel Chef's Knife


This chef’s knife from Bodman Blades is the ultimate in multi-tasking. Thanks to its large Damascus steel blade, it’s great for slicing fruits, vegetables, proteins, and can even cut through the heftier foods such as watermelons and beef quarters. It’s assembled in Wiltshire where it’s finished with a beautiful curly myrtle wood handle. Use it to tackle new recipes or to master a favourite.

Product number: 2214153001

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Meet the Maker:

Bodman Blades

Chef and farmer Ben Bodman doesn't recall a moment in his life where he didn’t feel the solid grip of a knife in his hand. While working at L’Enclume in the Lake District, he became fascinated with knife-making and built his own coal forge from an ancient 50-gallon oil drum. Now, he hand-forges super-fine carbon steel knives in his workshop on his family farm in Wiltshire, repeatedly sharpening blades on a whetstone and perfecting each one with a glossy wax to ensure they last a lifetime. Look out for limited edition pieces that are exclusive to ABASK.