Biagio Barile Labyrinth Wood Inlay Tray


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Since 1920, Biagio Barile – and now his son, Enzo – has continued the family tradition of fine craft, uniting wood inlay with French carving techniques. Each bold, geometric piece is assembled by hand in the Sorrento workshop and glossed to a high sheen. While the patterns are the same throughout each product, the colour palettes may vary slightly.

Product number: 2206005007

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Meet the Maker:

Biagio Barile

Biagio Barile was founded in 1920 in the heart of Sorrento – a southern Italian town renowned for its thriving marquetry. The family-run business celebrates the ancient techniques of intarsia; a labour-intensive method that involves transferring sketches onto wooden templates, assembling small pieces of wood and cutting them by hand with saws, planes and chisels.