Zanetto Miroir Silver-Plated Dinner Knife


Table Knife

Zanetto believes ‘only manual work can make each object a work of art’ and we concur. This table knife is handmade by the brand’s skilled silversmiths in its Padua workshop. Reassuringly weighty, it has a mirror-smooth silver plating and high-shine finish.

Product number: 2208602023

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Meet the Maker:


Padua-born brand, Zanetto produces unusual, responsibly-made luxury décor, locally crafted in Italy. The studio prides itself for its distinctive surface finishes, alongside manual processes which include everything from cutting, shearing and hand-soldering, to sand-casting, polishing and a finishing galvanic treatment. Expect only noble metals — brass, copper, bronze, silver and gold — in the metal maestro’s collections.