Theresienthal Louisa Hand-Blown Crystal Candlestick


The Louisa candlestick is deemed a 'new concept candle holder' by Theresenthial. The upper half is detachable and plugs into the body, providing stability and a seamless cleaning experience. It isn't just functional, but looks the part too – vivid hand-blown crystal and expert hand-cutting and engraving see to that.

Product number: 2225407020

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Meet the Maker:


The Bavarian Forest has a 700-year heritage of glass production, making it a fitting home for Theresienthal, the crystal specialist with a similarly rich history. It was founded in 1836 by Franz and Wilhelm Steigerwald via a Royal Warrant of Appointment, and has graced many a castle and palace ever since – including those of the Russian Imperial Family and King Ludwig II. Today, the story continues to evolve with the help of master craftspeople, many of whom represent the fourth or fifth generation of their lineage. Collections are blown, shaped, cut, engraved, painted and polished entirely by hand and finished with fanciful details.