Matthew Foster

Ceramic Patterned Lidded Jar


This ceramic lidded jar spotlights Matthew Foster’s love for form and surface. Note how the handcrafted piece is detailed with an intricate geometric pattern, where each shape nestles into the next as if it’s a perfectly formed puzzle piece. It satisfies Foster’s brief for his creations – that they should all have a personality of their own – while the sculptural handle on the lid ensures that it’s a functional delight, as well as an aesthetic one.

Product number: 2217906012

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Meet the Maker:

Matthew Foster

Fine art graduate and QEST scholar Matthew Foster is based in St Ives, Cornwall, where he works alongside a talented production team at the Leach Pottery. He champions rustic simplicity with a philosophy that closely aligns with that of mingei – a mode of thinking that advocates for the work of ‘ordinary people’s crafts’. His creations explore personal expression through form, surface and the gesture of making, all while ensuring the bottom line of functionality is fulfilled.