Maison Pichon Uzès Hand-Glazed Ceramic Braided Raised Bowl


Hand-Glazed Ceramic Braided Raised Bowl15cm (h) x 23cm (d) / 5.9" (h) x 9.0" (d)


Hand-Glazed Ceramic Braided Bread Basket7cm (h) x 20cm (d) / 2.7" (h) x 7.8" (d)


Maison Pichon Uzès has many signatures, but braided bowls and baskets are the most iconic. Craftspeople utilise the corbeille technique to form the clay into soft coils that are woven by hand and reinforced with small flowers or buttons. A week of drying is followed by an underglaze, bisque fire, lead-based glaze and second firing. The process is meticulous and controlled, taking up to a month to reach the work of art you see here.

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Meet the Maker:

Maison Pichon Uzès

Maison Pichon Uzès’ story is deeply rooted in the South of France. In the 1950s, its ancestors saw porous red clay from the Uzès region and decided to make ceramics with it. Ever since, the Pichon family has continued to explore the endless possibilities of earthenware, with a signature colour palette of 25 (and counting) as well as a mould library that dates back to the 1800s – only 10% of which has been used. The craftsmanship process involves stamping, pressing, drying and firing, while hours of handling go into the signature corbeilles tressées (braided baskets) which are intricately woven by hand.