Rothschild Stars Hand-Engraved Crystal Water Pitcher

In 1856, Baron Alfons Rothschild placed his first order from the Rothschild series. The collection is one of approximately 100 designed by Ludwig Lobmeyr, making each piece a true collectible. Its simplicity and functionality have led museum collections and publications to pinpoint it as the ‘origin of the modern wine glass’ – an accolade attributed to the crystal-clear muslin glass that Lobmeyr is renowned for. Today, the maker honours history by continuing to engrave each star by hand at its workshop in Vienna.

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Meet the Maker:


This Viennese glassmaker was already 60 years old when it collaborated with Thomas Edison on the first electric chandelier. Today, three cousins, Andreas, Leonid and Johannes Rath run the family business, upholding the cutting and buffing techniques of their ancestors while collaborating with some of Europe's most exciting contemporary designers.