Liz Rowland

Monkey Hand-Painted Ceramic Mug


Liz Rowland’s kitschy ceramics ponder on the quiet moments of life, especially those that take place at home or surrounded by nature. This mug, with its intentionally askew silhouette, is centred around a friendly monkey. Each creation is different, as the collections are built, painted and fired by hand in Edinburgh with deliberate quirks that echo the joy Rowland finds in handmade design.

Product number: 2201236006

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Meet the Maker:

Liz Rowland

From cosy corners at home to the hustle and bustle of a train station, there isn’t a moment in life that Edinburgh-based illustrator Liz Rowland hasn’t covered in her whimsical illustrations. She started experimenting years ago in an attempt to climb out of a creative block, and soon enough she fell in love with clay, using it as the canvas for her fanciful sketches. From her home, she builds and paints everything by hand before firing it all in an old kiln. Inspiration comes from cultures, colours and community, brought to life through ceramics that muse on modern life.