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Huh Myoung-Wook Ottchil Ash Spoon


Korean culture assigns emotions to colours; for example, while red represents passion, love and creativity, green signifies youthfulness, new energy and a fresh start. Huh Myoung-Wook captures these associations through his work. Using the traditional, labour-intensive ottchil technique, he coats each piece with more than 30 coats of eco-friendly lacquer derived from rhus tree sap. The artist skilfully creates the colour driven by the emotions of the day, so the same colour cannot be made twice. Please note, as this piece is handmade, subtle differences in colour, shape and detail may occur.

Product number: 2214203007

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Meet the Maker:

Huh Myoung-Wook

As a unique Korean craft technique, Ottichil lacquering not only improves durability and functionality, but also adds an aesthetic touch with the resulting luxurious gloss and subtle colours. Lacquer adapts to the material and expresses itself through layers of colours. Ottchil is not a material that can be easily manipulated. Huh Myoung-Wook reflects that Ottchil is a product of temporality and a medium he uses to visualise the traces of time's unforgiving nature.