Laguiole Pressed Flowers Resin Table Knives (Set of 6)


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Goyon-Chazeau’s quality-first approach to design in evident in each collection – Laguiole included. These knives are handmade in France with hand-forged blades and ergonomic details, but the most special part of their story is the pressed flowers blooming within the resin case. This beautiful, delicate detail pairs with rust-resistant blades and a display box, making this set the ideal gift for keen gourmands.

Product number: 2218202004

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Meet the Maker:


Goyon-Chazeau is a French third-generation knife maker whose story began in 1953. Its signature, Cœur de Forge, alludes to the fact that it’s one of the last of its kind to produce full-forged table knives, which is no mean feat – the forge used is made from a round steel bar that’s heated until it merges, then pressed to obtain the final shape. But that isn’t the only impressive part of the design story, as each piece undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process of over 40 steps, from sharpening and manual finishing to ergonomics. The result? Designs made from rare, precious materials that’ll last a lifetime.