Elie Bleu

Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter


Cigar enthusiasts will know that the ritual of smoking a cigar is not to be overlooked. As such, tools of the highest quality are of the highest importance, such as this cutter from Elie Bleu. It’s carefully shaped to a perfectly formed circle with hardened surgical steel blades and a perfect cut of up to a cepo 68.

Product number: 2223806022

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Meet the Maker:

Elie Bleu

Elie Bleu is a household name for its humidors, but they aren’t the only field of expertise for this maker. No matter what its boxes are guarding – from jewellery and watches to poker and pens – they’re always handmade to exacting standards, taking four to six months to come to fruition. Every story starts with a mass cut of timber that’s sourced from across the globe, before expert craftspeople have their way with it in the workshop just outside of Paris; perhaps they’re lacquering it by hand, or maybe they’re piecing it together via Boulle marquetry. Whatever they’re rustling up, rest assured that the final result will be a product of expert savoir-faire, as has been the case since its founding in 1976.