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Casa Adams Mollusc Hand-Painted Porcelain Dinner Plates (Set of 2)


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Araceli of Casa Adams found her muse along the shorelines of her husband’s family home in Lake Macquarie. She works from her Sydney-based studio – aptly named Coconut Crab – where she crafts and paints species-specific porcelain by hand. Each piece is designed to spread the word about marine conservation, with watercolour-like glazes mirroring the varied palette of the underwater world. These only-at-ABASK plates spotlight a European squid (loligo vulgaris), which is abundant in the Eastern Atlantic, and a blue-ringed octopus (hapalochlaena maculosa) – the venomous mollusc found in tidal rock pools in Australia’s southern coast.

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Meet the Maker:

Casa Adams

Casa Adams’ beautiful artwork, sketched by founder Araceli, is inspired by the hand-coloured natural history copperplate engravings of the 18th century. Her whimsical illustrations are monoprinted onto Australian porcelain, which is fired, painted and finished by hand using watercolour-like washes of underglaze – a meticulous technique mastered and executed in-house by Araceli and her husband, Dominic. Her approach is environmentally conscious and considered at every turn, from the biodiverse line-up of sea creatures she spotlights to the regenerative energy used to power her all-electric workspace in Sydney. Her reverence for nature runs so deep that she plants a native tree or shrub for each piece sold.