Bourg-Joly Malicorne

Bourg-Joly Openwork Ceramic Charger Plate


Bourg-Joly Openwork Ceramic Cake Stand29.5cm (d) x 3cm (h)


The Bourg-Joly Openwork collection is instantly recognisable as Bourg-Joly Malicorne – and not just because of the name. Each piece within the line is cut and crafted by the hands of master craftspeople using openwork techniques that originate from the 18th century. It’s become a signature of the maker, making it a true collectible.

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Meet the Maker:

Bourg-Joly Malicorne

Jean Loiseau founded Bourg-Joly Malicorne in 1747 in the heart of the Sarthe Valley, France, making it the oldest earthenware manufacturer in the region. Over time, its savoir-fare has been handed through the generations, resulting in centuries-old processes that craftspeople continue to honour today. Their earthenware is made from a precise recipe – clay, sand and minerals – that undergoes a meticulous purifying process. Each piece is calibrated, moulded, turned, trimmed, glazed and fired (twice) to extreme temperatures. Look out for lace-inspired openwork applied with a scalpel and free-hand painting with a watercolour quality.