Biagio Barile Geometric Wood Inlay Box


Biagio Barile blends woodcarving with expert inlay techniques to create this box. It’s handcrafted in Sorrento from maple wood, covered in glossy geometric motifs and hand-finished with a velvet interior. Use it to store jewellery or other keepsakes, ensuring it’s on proud display.

Product number: 2200506009

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Meet the Maker:

Biagio Barile

Biagio Barile was founded in 1920 in the heart of Sorrento – a southern Italian town renowned for its thriving marquetry. The family-run business celebrates the ancient techniques of intarsia; a labour-intensive method that involves transferring sketches onto wooden templates, assembling small pieces of wood and cutting them by hand with saws, planes and chisels.