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One of a Kind

Shimojo Akira

Wood-Fired Ceramic Kyuusu Teapot


We only have 1 left. To enquire about higher quantities, contact us here.

Presenting the handcrafted wood-fired Kyuushu teapot by Shimojo Akira, a skilled artist and designer. Made with a specialised Kyuushu ash-glazed porcelain and an internal ceramic mesh to separate tea leaves, the teapot is the ideal size for enjoying cups of green tea. The first pour provides the most prominent flavour and each refill offers the chance to experience new tastes that develop over time. Simple, elegant, and practical - this teapot is perfect for loose tea lovers or those who appreciate quality craftsmanship. Renowned for experimentation, the artist forages his own clay and fires his ceramics in a traditional Japanese kiln he built himself. The result is a one-of-a-kind product, unique in its hand-crafted finish.

Product number: 2216302002

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