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Atelier Saint-André Perrin

Marbled Espresso Cup


Elevate your breakfast experience with the marbled espresso cup from Atelier Saint-Andre Perrin, a family-run brand based in Paris. Using founder Sylvie's signature 'stamping' technique, this cup is meticulously crafted from bespoke oxide clays, block-kneaded, shaped into plaster casts, fired at 980°C, and finished with a transparent enamel glaze - a truly show-stopping addition to your dining collection.

Product number: 2214602014

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Meet the Maker:

Atelier Saint-Andre Perrin

Paris-based Sylvie Saint-Andre Perrin developed a unique and distinctive production technique known as 'stamping'. This intricate and meticulous process involves blending coloured oxide clays in an organic swirl, hand-kneading the mixture rhythmically, and then rolling and shaping it into plaster casts. The result is a stunning collection of beautifully enamelled ceramics in a range of blue, green, ochre, and yellow tones - a vivid spectrum of colours that instantly elevate any dining experience.