Atelier Saint-André Perrin Marbled Ceramic Espresso Cup


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Atelier Saint-André Perrin’s designs are easy to spot due to the distinct marbled effect that's created using the founder’s signature stamping technique. This espresso cup is meticulously crafted from bespoke oxide clays, block-kneaded, shaped into plaster casts, fired at extreme temperatures, and finished with a transparent enamel glaze. It’s an extensive process, but the results – as you can see here – make it all worth the while.

Product number: 2214602010

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Meet the Maker:

Atelier Saint-Andre Perrin

Paris-based Atelier Saint-André Perrin – made up of mother-and-daughter duo Sylvie and Elise – handcrafts signature marbled ceramics by utilising a technique Sylvie developed called stamping. The intricate process sees them swirl together various coloured oxide clays, rhythmically hand-knead the mixture, and then roll it out to reveal the unique pattern. Then, the clay is stamped and shaped into a pre-made plaster cast for it to harden, before being scraped, sanded, fired, enamelled and fired for a second time. No more than 16 pieces are created each day, making each one a loved, laboured-over product of this maker’s vision. Look out for captivating colour palettes with unique quirks that’ll elevate your table settings.