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Stewart Hearn Owl Hand-Blown Glass Large Jug


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Stewart Hearn expands his flock of feathered friends to include penguins, crows and some daddy owls – and they’re just as much of a hoot as the smaller ones we already have. Each lively, smile-inducing jug is hand blown in his London-based studio where each detail is meticulously added, from the beady eyes to the beaks that are perfect for pouring. All are only at ABASK and designed for our first physical and international event at Salon Art + Design 2023 in NYC.

Product number: 2218607017

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Meet the Maker:

Stewart Hearn

Master glassmaker Stewart Hearn graduated from Sunderland Polytechnic in 1986, and has taken London Glassworks from strength to strength since its 2002 inception. In his work, he explores form, colour translucency and weight, while celebrating ancient techniques such as the Encalmo technique – a highly complex Venetian glassblowing method where different glass sections are fused together.  Look out for time-honoured practices such as this in his designs, as well as the more unexpected pieces that offer a lens into his playful side.