Stewart Hearn Owl Hand-Blown Glass Jug


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The idea for this jug came to Stewart Hearn while he was waiting for a client. During this burst of spare time, he had the lightbulb moment to centre his next design on an owl – and so he did. Soon enough, he developed a fondness for it, and continued to rework it until he reached the result we see here. It’s entertaining and functional, and has even earned the accolade as his ‘best’ pouring jug.

Product number: 2218601010

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Meet the Maker:

Stewart Hearn

Master glassmaker Stewart Hearn graduated from Sunderland Polytechnic in 1986, and has taken London Glassworks from strength to strength since its 2002 inception. In his work, he explores form, colour translucency and weight, while celebrating ancient techniques such as the Encalmo technique – a highly complex Venetian glassblowing method where different glass sections are fused together.  Look out for time-honoured practices such as this in his designs, as well as the more unexpected pieces that offer a lens into his playful side.