Stamperia Bertozzi Floral Hand-Painted Linen Tea Towels (Set of 2)


It isn't just your table that should be dressed in Stamperia Bertozzi, but the rest of your home, too. These linen tea towels feature an intricate print of a flower, in full bloom and painted by hand. With every use, they'll transport you to a field of fragrant wildflowers – even if you are just in your kitchen.

Product number: 2217305002

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Meet the Maker:

Stamperia Bertozzi

Tucked away in the northern hills of Italy near the Adriatic Sea sits Stamperia Bertozzi, a third-generation maker that’s specialised in hand-printed textiles since 1920. Everything to leave the workshop is handmade with a unique story, whether that includes one of its hand-carved pear-tree wood stamps or a centuries-old Italian block-print technique. Even the dyes used by this maker are noteworthy, created from secret-recipe vegetal bases that have been passed through the family to reach the man at the helm today, Gianluigi Bertozzi.