Stamperia Bertozzi Gingham Hand-Painted Linen Rectangular Tablecloth


Gingham Hand-Painted Linen Rectangular Tablecloth275cm (l) x 145cm (w) / 107.4" (l) x 56.6" (w)


Gingham Hand-Painted Linen Napkins (Set of 4)45cm (h) x 45cm (w) / 17.6" (h) x 17.6" (w)


Stamperia Bertozzi's beautiful textiles capture the joie de vivre of a full table. To create the gingham theme of this linen tablecloth, the maker uses a roller to hand-paint horizontal and vertical lines, using rustic dyes from secret-recipe vegetal bases. The result is idyllic, perfect for pairing with the matching napkins.

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Meet the Maker:

Stamperia Bertozzi

Tucked away in the northern hills of Italy near the Adriatic Sea sits Stamperia Bertozzi, a third-generation maker that’s specialised in hand-printed textiles since 1920. Everything to leave the workshop is handmade with a unique story, whether that includes one of its hand-carved pear-tree wood stamps or a centuries-old Italian block-print technique. Even the dyes used by this maker are noteworthy, created from secret-recipe vegetal bases that have been passed through the family to reach the man at the helm today, Gianluigi Bertozzi.