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Poterie de Cliousclat Hand-Painted Slipware Serving Bowl


In the hilltop village of Cliousclat in Drôme you’ll find Poterie de Cliousclat, a workshop home to a community of potters dedicated to traditional French craftsmanship. Although the ceramicists have different styles, they share a love for nature-inspired colour palettes and mood-boosting patterns. This slipware serving bowl is the perfect example, with hand-painted brushstrokes framing your dish of the day.

Product number: 2220802016

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Meet the Maker:

Poterie de Cliousclat

Poterie de Cliousclat is situated in a small hilltop village in Drôme, France, a region with a rich history of traditional pottery that dates back to the 10th century. Its workshop was rebuilt in 2014 after being listed as a historical monument, home to specific know-how and working methods. Today, it’s a hive of creativity, host to a small community of talented makers – currently four – with unique styles and processes. The uniting factor is a love and appreciation for colour and French techniques, which they put into practice by applying pre-made engobes and slips.