Objet Luxe Silver-Plated and Shell Place Card Holders (Set of 4)


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Objet Luxe’s designs are driven by nature, so no two pieces are ever the same. The Octopus place card holders’ craft tale reflects this, as the fittings vary to synchronise with the size of the nerite shell being used. Moulds are created to match nature’s plan, which are sculpted in wax, cast in brass, plated in silver and coated with lacquer. The result is quirky, curious and a certified conversation piece for the home. Please note, as this item is made by hand, irregularities in size and finish are to be expected. All materials are ethically, sustainably sourced and never endangered.

Product number: 2225905007

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Meet the Maker:

Objet Luxe

Objet Luxe is in constant dialogue with the natural world, stirred by what the owners – Mette and Jesper Madsen – refer to as its ‘incomparable beauty’. For 20 years, Objet Luxe has been creating conversation pieces for the home, bringing each masterpiece to life with the help of highly skilled artisans who share its love for quality, heritage and artistic tradition. Sustainably sourced raw materials like sea shell and mother-of-pearl enrich the craft tales, alongside complex silverwork techniques such as lost-wax casting. The results are enchanting, memorable and perfect for resident thalassophiles (lovers of the sea).