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Chicken Hand-Painted Ceramic Egg Cups (Set of 4)


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Malaika often takes inspiration from nature and its inhabitants, from high-flying birds to the flora they nestle in. These egg cups take a route less travelled, as they’re shaped and hand-painted to resemble chickens. Each one is a tongue-in-cheek way to tuck into your soft-boiled delicacy.

Product number: 2208202036

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Meet the Maker:


Ecuador-born founders, Margarita and Goya enriched their embroidery, crochet and hand-drawn threadwork expertise with Egyptian cotton, whilst creating sustainable paths and economic independence for underprivileged Egyptian women and refugees. The self-funded embroidery school and brand use Egyptian cotton grown in the lush, warm conditions of the Nile River Valley – arguably the softest, smoothest and strongest cotton in the world.