Loretta Caponi

Cotton King-Size Bottom Sheet


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Loretta Caponi’s linen evokes emotion through hand-embroidered scenes, be it a bloom of florals on a duvet cover or a playful aperitivo on a cocktail napkin. This collection takes a quieter approach, indulging instead in the perennial quality of all-white locally milled cotton.

Product number: 2210405019

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Meet the Maker:

Loretta Caponi

A Loretta Caponi bedspread is unmistakable for its archival floral motifs, hand-embroidered and hand-printed by master artisans in Tuscany. Resembling heirlooms passed down over generations, the locally milled cotton linens bring the cachet of old family villas. The late designer's daughter Lucia and grandson Guido oversee the business from the atelier, or botteghe, on Florence’s venerable Via Tornabuoni.