Nicaragua Artisans Boho Handwoven Cotton Swing


Inspire a hygge high in your home with this swing, thoughtfully crafted and woven by the hands of fourth-generation artisans from small towns across Nicaragua. The textural design is made from the finest natural cotton and stretched out with a spreader bar made from renewable wood. While suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this item may fade if exposed to the elements for prolonged periods. For best results, hang with a 93-inch stand or 2ft above the ground if hanging from a ceiling or tree.

Product number: 2223306008

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Meet the Maker:

Nicaragua Artisans

From pottery to macramé, Nicaragua is a hub of creativity. Across the country, fourth-generation craftspeople weave artful hammocks and swings by hand, using only the finest natural materials and traditional techniques. Celebrating the expertise of these artisans, our selection is replete with exquisite details – such as tassels and fringing – that promise to add texture and charm to cosy nooks at home.