Mushrooms Hand-Engraved Crystal Highballs (Set of 6)


Artěl's Mushroom collection is intricately hand-engraved with unique fungi motifs that reference 19th-century botanical drawings. Each piece is hand-blown from 100% lead-free crystal by Czech artisans who are dedicated to preserving traditional crystal production methods. They’re great for serving long drinks.

Product number: 2205601007

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Meet the Maker:


Founded in 1998 by American designer, Karen Feldman, ARTĚL is globally recognised for its handcrafted luxury crystal and preservation of traditional production methods, originally practiced by an early-20th-century collective of Czech artisans. From ‘freehand’ engraving and glass cutting, to gilding and impeccable hand-painting, each piece is meticulously made by hand, therefore no two pieces are exactly like.