Antique and Vintage 1930s Daum Lobster Crystal Platter


The design world’s move towards heavy, chunky glassware is in large part thanks to crystal cognoscentis Daum and Baccarat. Since 1878, Daum has been keeping the magic of traditional glassmaking alive via its pâte-de-cristal technique, a rare and ancient practise that dates back to 5,000 BC. It’s an extremely delicate process to master, and involves crystal being packed into a mould before it’s fused in a kiln. This platter from the 1930s highlights its mastery and signature texture – one that cannot be achieved through glassblowing alone. Please note, this item is a truly original vintage piece with slight imperfections and distinctive characteristics that add to its charm and celebrate its unique history.

Product number: 2205272013

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