Onoyoshi Hamono Trimming Shears with Braided Leather Handles


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From its workshop in Ono, Japan, third-generation maker Onoyoshi Hamono hand-forges bladed garden tools that are functional works of art. Over 100 steps go into each creation, from the cutting and forging of iron to the sharpening, quenching and fine-finishing. Such a meticulous process results in beautiful pieces, such as these trimming shears with braided leather handles.

Product number: 2220906006

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Meet the Maker:

Onoyoshi Hamono

Onoyoshi Hamono’s garden tools are handmade by the Tanaka brothers, who continue to build on the legacy established by their elders – like their grandfather, a kitchen knife blacksmith who founded the company in 1936, and their father, who took the wheel in 1964. Their studio is in the agricultural area of Ono City, Japan, which has been the home of Banshu hardware since ancient times. Behind each uniquely hand-forged tool is a process of more than 100 steps, resulting in functional, beautiful pieces that are committed to Japan’s traditions, history and culture.