Giberto Laguna Hand-Blown Murano Glass Mixed Tumblers (Set of 6)


Giberto’s Laguna glassware is characterised by a light, ultra-thin quality. Its hexagonal shape is hand blown in Murano, where the delicate operation of adding the contrasting rim takes place – it must be hot sealed with care to keep it from shattering. The intense green of these tumblers is inspired by the Venetian Lagoon during winter, which in Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s words, is ‘an ancient masterpiece made by nature’.

Product number: 2201701026

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Meet the Maker:


Giberto creates watercolour sketches of his designs on tracing paper, then passes them onto skilled Murano glassmakers. The Julia tumbler is hand-blown and finished in a Venetian furnace using Murano glass and a rigà-menà technique to create a teardrop effect.