Alexandra Llewellyn Cigar Travel Backgammon Set


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The ritual of playing a board game is part of the magic for Alexandra Llewellyn – the click of the dice, the haze of the Cuban cigars and the swish of the whisky in the tumbler as it hits the table. To capture this moment, she created the Cigar backgammon set, reinterpreted here in a travel size. The original artwork is printed onto calf leather using sophisticated technology, presented alongside semi-precious tiger’s eye and white marble playing pieces. Don’t miss the weighted doubling cube, a detail that ensures cheating is a no-go.

Product number: 2205507010

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Meet the Maker:

Alexandra Llewellyn

Alexandra Llewellyn’s passion for play, discovered learning backgammon as a child in Cairo, burns bright in her whimsical marquetry. Each of her bespoke game sets are functional art works, crafted and hand-painted by Llewellyn, a trained fine artist, in collaboration with 25 workshops across the UK.