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NasonMoretti Archive Revival 1970 Hand-Blown Murano Glass Bicolour Champagne Coupe


The initial release date of this exclusive champagne coupe – 1970 – marks a key point in history, as it was the moment glassmakers started to experiment with loud, proud colour combinations. Of course, NasonMoretti was at the fore of this shift, and is still recognised today for its archive of notable palettes. This isn’t the only part of this piece that speaks to the past, as during the 1930s NasonMoretti produced a series of fruit, ice cream and liqueur glasses with an opaque red stem. As is the case here, the detail tempers a transparent bowl.

Product number: 2207201088

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Meet the Maker:


From exhibitions at MoMA, to exclusive designer collections, NasonMoretti has been uplifting interiors with distinctive glassware since 1923. Founded by five brothers, collections blend Murano mastery with innovative mixing and cold-cutting techniques. Their colour creation method is still a well-kept secret, and they remain the only studio in the world who can produce 22 green and 8 blue shades.