Geoffrey Parker Leather Outdoor Boules Set


Historians have said the game of boules dates as far back as the sixth century. Back then, the Greeks used coins and stones instead of balls, throwing each one as far as possible. Then the Romans intervened, changing the rules to be what we all know them as today. This set by Geoffrey Parker is presented in a woven English willow basket with a traditional Bridle hide leather trim. Inside, you’ll find six balls, a stainless steel measure, a leather scorer, two butts and a polishing duster, all housed in individual wicker compartments.

Product number: 2201607025

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Meet the Maker:

Geoffrey Parker

In 1961, Geoffrey Parker created his first leather backgammon set — an unassuming piece that paved the way within the leatherwork industry. Still handmade in the founder’s Wimbish farmhouse, Max and Elliot Parker continue to develop the brand’s collection of design-led board games and pay homage to heritage craft.