Perfumer H Smoke Hand-Blown Candle


Perfumer H founder Lyn Harris calls her candles ‘fragrances for the home that breathe nature’ – made with 100% sustainable raw ingredients in a hand-blown, refillable glass container. Smoke, with notes of cade, patchouli, cistus and amber, is a deliciously cocooning scent that’s perfect for the home.

Product number: 2207305005

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Meet the Maker:

Perfumer H

Classically trained in Paris and Grasse, British perfume maker, Lyn Harris is the mastermind behind Perfumer H, created with the aim to concoct refined, unconventional fragrances that reflect her own personal style. Every candle vessel is handblown and finished with gold engraving in the brand’s Marylebone laboratory, where Harris collaborates with world-leading glassblowers, architects, and graphic designers.