Rabitti 1969 Chess and Backgammon Games Compendium


Artisan-made in Rabitti's Port of Genoa workshop, this games compendium is beautifully crafted in grey saddle leather and equipped for backgammon, chess and draughts. It also includes a set of debossed leather dominoes, two decks of playing cards, a playing cup with five dice and a leather-bound notebook.

Product number: 2203807003

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Meet the Maker:

Rabitti 1969

Milan-born leather specialist, Rabitti launched in 1969 and is widely recognised for its thick vegetable-tanned saddle leather. Because of its sturdy sensibilities, saddle leather requires zero reinforcement, enabling homeware objects such as baskets and trays to be entirely crafted from leather. Its characteristic look and softness are achieved by using chrome-free natural tannins in the dying process.