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Nick Plant Cactus Leather Travel Backgammon Set


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Nick Plant’s travel backgammon sets are inspired by sun-soaked beaches and the joy of summertime. As a result, they’re created with a flat, foldable construction – as opposed to the usual rolled – that means they can be played on sand. Each one within the series, such as the Cactus design, is hand-dyed, hand-etched and exclusive to ABASK, equipped with vintage dice and colourful checkers that’ll make each move a delight. And if you’re wondering where to store your pieces, simply look underneath the etching inside the flap.

Product number: 2206207009

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Meet the Maker:

Nick Plant

There is nothing Nick Plant can’t do with a swatch of leather and his secret weapon: the awl. His vibrant game boards in hand-pressed leather come blocked with contrasting colour or printed with lava-lamp swirls. Each game is, by its very nature, entirely unique.