Mike Parry Slipware Large Jug


Mike Parry specialises in characterful, down-to-earth slipware – just like this large jug, hand-thrown in red earthenware from his home studio in Pontypool, South Wales. The flowing form is a pleasure to hold and use, whether you’re filling it with homemade punch or a freshly picked bouquet. To add character, he’s opted for a swirled effect and a subtly varying colour palette, details that nod to his interest in medieval pottery and 18th-century English slipware.

Product number: 2220001012

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Meet the Maker:

Mike Parry

Although originally from Cheshire, Mike Parry now lives in South East Wales, making functional slipware pottery by hand. His chosen clay is red earthenware, which he hand-throws on a potter’s wheel, decorates using slips, glazes, and fires in an electric kiln to 1100C. He follows this meticulous process to capture a sense of movement and spontaneity, adding character while emphasising the natural quality of the materials. For inspiration, he looks high and low, keeping an eye on contemporary ceramics while also  looking to the past – particular points of interest include medieval pottery, post-war British studio pottery and 18th-century English slipware.