Lobmeyr Alpha Hand-Blown Crystal Carafe


Alpha Hand-Blown Crystal Carafe20cm (h) x 11cm (d) / 7.8" (h) x 4.3" (d)


Alpha Hand-Blown Crystal Water Tumbler9cm (h) x 7.5cm (d) / 3.5" (h) x 2.9" (d)


Hans Harald Rath followed in his father's footsteps at Lobmeyr from 1938 until 1968; during this time, he proposed many popular designs, including the stackable Alpha service of 1952. The collection is inspired by a baroque copper cup from MAK Vienna, hence the compact, balanced shape of this mouth-blown muslin glass carafe. A thorough process sees it pass through the hands of at least 24 people – the last of which is always a member of the family.

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Meet the Maker:


This Viennese glassmaker was already 60 years old when it collaborated with Thomas Edison on the first electric chandelier. Today, three cousins, Andreas, Leonid and Johannes Rath run the family business, upholding the cutting and buffing techniques of their ancestors while collaborating with some of Europe's most exciting contemporary designers.