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Giobagnara Leather Outdoor Boules Set


Giobagnara puts its signature spin on a classic Mediterranean pastime – outdoor boules – with this set, presented in a leather-covered case with a solid walnut wood handle. Within, you’ll find six heavy stainless steel balls and two wooden jacks that double up as target balls. It’s a thoughtful gift for housewarmings, summer parties and everything in between.

Product number: 2201907079

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Meet the Maker:


Giorgio Bagnara’s collection of handcrafted leather homeware nods to his Genoese family’s leather-making traditions from 1939. The founder of leather houses, Rabitti 1969 and Riviere, employs both hand-stitching and modern technologies to achieve artisanal excellence and great precision. From shagreen to natural calfskin leather, Giobagnara has over 200 dyed leathers, plus an inimitable collection of maple, oak and walnut wood.