Atelier Soleil Combed Edge Hand-Painted Ceramic Oval Platter


Combed Edge Hand-Painted Ceramic Oval Platter48cm (l) x 38cm (d) / 18.8" (l) x 14.8" (d)


Combed edges are a tried-and-true signature for Atelier Soleil. On this platter, they work in tandem with vivid brushstrokes that are applied with a free hand. The beauty of this series is the slight differences between each piece, reflective of the unique design stories that can be traced back to its workshop in Provence, France.

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Meet the Maker:

Atelier Soleil

Moustiers Sainte-Marie has been a pottery haven since the 17th century, making it the perfect location for Atelier Soleil. Since 1995, master craftsman Franck Scherer and his wife Géraldine Dorche have been at the helm, continuing the legacy established by Scherer’s mother in the 1960s – they even acquired her original moulds in 2006. To bring their luminous faïence to life, they work with artisans who specialise in free-hand painting, as only the steadiest hand can apply their oxides that are absorbed instantly. We’re delighted to hold an exclusive collection of hand-painted vegetable plates – the best way to get your five-a-day.