Andrew Iannazzi Hand-Blown Glass Beer Mug


Ask any beer drinker what makes a great pour, and they’ll no doubt tell you it starts with the perfect stein – fortunately, Andrew Iannazzi has it down to a fine art with this design. Mouth-blown from his workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it’s complete with an exaggerated handle and a dash of bold colour. Thanks to its full-of-life aesthetic and sizable proportions, it’s sure to encourage a chorus of ‘cheers’.

Product number: 2219506003

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Meet the Maker:

Andrew Iannazzi

Andrew Iannazzi dreams up of-the-moment designs and brings them to life using centuries-old techniques. His glassblowing journey began during his time at Hartwick College in New York, landing him in several reputable studios across the United States before he settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts – where his workshop is still based today. To inform his creations, he utilises time-honoured artistic mediums such as off-hand blowing and traditional mold-blowing, capturing a sense of nostalgia that he carries through to his playful, retro aesthetic. He draws inspiration from Italian and Scandinavian design history, as well as popular American imagery. The results are fun, kitsch and packed with unexpected details.