Netherton Foundry Spun Copper Lidded Chef's Pan


Spun Copper Lidded Chef's Pan6cm (h) x 28cm (d) / 2.3" (h) x 10.9" (d)


Spun Copper Frying Pan with Ebonised Oak Handle5cm (h) x 30cm (d) / 2.0" (h) x 11.7" (d)


Spun Copper Frying Pan with Ebonised Oak Handle4cm (h) x 20cm (d) / 1.6" (h) x 7.8" (d)


Netherton Foundry’s copper cookware is modelled on restaurant-standard styles from the 1850s onwards. Today, it’s a firm fixture in the collections of Michelin-starred chefs globally. Each lightweight piece is spun from a disc of pure copper without any joins, welds, seams or chemicals, with a conductive, non-stick tin lining that’s hand-wiped onto the surface with flax wadding while hot. This chef’s pan measures 11” (28cm) and features an iron handle. To clean it, wash by hand using a non-abrasive cloth and warm, soapy water, ensuring you rinse and dry thoroughly. Due to copper being a soft metal, it can scratch and tarnish — as a result, minor imperfections are to be expected and do not affect the overall performance.

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Meet the Maker:

Netherton Foundry

Neil and Sue Currie founded Netherton Foundry in 2011 with a simple vision: to answer a call for keep-forever cookware. That’s why they chose the tinning process over stainless steel, as objects can be tinned until they're thousands of years old. Their modus operandi is products with provenance, which is why every pan, pot and tin is crafted by hand in South Shropshire – the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and iron masters such as Abraham Darby. Craft stories begin with a cut disc of copper that’s polished, wiped by a fifth-generation tinner and spun in a 1920s press. No chemicals or glues are used; instead, extra virgin olive oil lubricates the machines while flax wadding is used to wipe them.