ABASK it: Cocktail Hour

ABASK it: Cocktail Hour

Whether you like your drinks shaken, stirred, or on the rocks, ABASK is serving the glassware to build up a thirst.


The Modernist Masterpiece

The Negroni

Mondrian, Le Corbusier, Perriand; the
ruby red of the Negroni has long been the modernist’s preferred pigment. This particular masterpiece originates in Florence’s Café Casoni in 1919, where Count Camillo Negroni is said to have invented. Fast-forward a century and it’s the unofficial sponsor of the roving international art crowd. Mix it like you mean it at home in its perfect partner, a Lobmeyr enamel-painted tumbler.

The Minimalist Mix

The Vesper Martini

The secret agent’s worst-kept secret
(named after his one true love, Martini), 007’s signature tipple is officially open ‘sauce’. A classic at Duke’s Bar, which was Bond author Ian Fleming’s favourite London haunt, this iconic drink deserves a vessel to match such status. We shake ours into Moser’s minimalist Optic Crystal creations.

The Classic Concoction

The Old Fashioned

Keep it classic with The Old Fashioned served on the rocks in a NasonMoretti archival Murano glass. A staple since the 1800s – when the term ‘cock-tail’ was coined as a morning pick-me-up – this is a drink that has bar-cart connoisseur written all over it (think Don Draper with his elbow on the bar at the Waldorf Astoria).

The Bohemian Beloved

The Singapore Sling

It’s serving Talitha Getty-meets-Edina Monsoon vibes and we’re here for it. Conceived at Raffles Hotel in Singapore, its name is said to derive from the German word “schlingen” which means to knock it back. We suggest you savour the flavour in Yali Glass’s highball and channel your inner bohemian.