Get inspired by our makers’ traditions, old and new

Tis the season… to have your favourite people and one-of-a-kind home-design pieces around you. Here, our makers share the traditions and heirlooms that help them make the most wonderful time of the year extra celebratory.

Peter Bellerby, Bellerby & Co

“Our tree and all the baubles are a reminder that you can always make new traditions and don’t have to take yourself too seriously. Unpacking and placing them each year is a nice way to come together and remember different trips and adventures we have had together.”

Ray Walters, R A W

“The Christmas holidays have become out of control in a very good way and the numbers for Christmas dinner on the day have grown from seven to thirty, so we take it in turns to host a party on Christmas Eve that includes drinks, a large buffet selection and of course lots of music, dancing and silly games.”

Maite López-Fonta, Los Vasos de Agua Clara

“This is a time when I feel happy and grateful as it is special and magical. I love to think about the menus and prepare the tables with special attention.”

Alexandra Llewellyn

“There will be lots of roaring fires and lots of cooking at my cottage in Warwickshire. Cooking is my meditation, and I would cook all day if I could.”

Hannah Fleming, Noble Macmillan

“Our favourite tradition will always be laying out a tray with whiskey and a mince pie for Father Christmas, not forgetting a carrot for Rudolph. In the morning seeing the kids’ faces when the whiskey has gone and a bite has been taken out the mince pie is just the sweetest!”

Otis Ingrams

“I have two very young daughters so the holiday season will be very much about trying not to party so much that being woken up early in the morning is painful! We made a beautiful leather Perudo set and now we play that as a family every Christmas, which is boisterous and joyous.”

Silvia Cappellini, Taf Firenze

“My favourite holiday heirloom is the tablecloth our family has been using on Christmas day since the Sixties. It’s over four metres long and has hand-embroidered holly all over it. It was handed down to me by my mother-in-law, who in turn received it as a gift from her mother-in-law, the artisan who made it.”