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Camaïeu Verrière Hand-Painted Ceramic Large Bottle Stand


Z.d.G’s designs are a collaboration brought to life by craftspeople working in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, Provence. This verrier is painted in the camaïeu style with an ornate floral design. Use it for displaying flowers or potted plants in-keeping with the Provençal spirit of ZDG’s Camaïeu dinnerware collection.

Product number: 2209702012

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Meet the Maker:


Hubert Givenchy, known for his impeccable taste, collected, among many things, beautiful French faïence. Zoë de Givenchy has carried on the tradition at Z.d.G, with tableware made in the same ateliers, using techniques honed through centuries. Revisiting heritage forms and colours while evolving traditional designs, every piece is hand-produced and meticulously painted for a truly unique and authentic finish.