Moser Optic Hand-Blown Crystal Red Wine Glasses (Set of 2)


Optic Hand-Blown Crystal Red Wine Glasses (Set of 2)21cm (h) x 9.5cm (d) / 8.2" (h) x 3.7" (d)


Optic Hand-Blown Crystal White Wine Glasses (Set of 2)20.7cm (h) x 7.2cm (d) / 8.1" (h) x 2.8" (d)


Optic Hand-Blown Crystal Wine Carafe27.3cm (h) x 16.5cm (d) / 10.7" (h) x 6.4" (d)


Optic Hand-Blown Crystal Water Glasses (Set of 2)14cm (h) x 6cm (d) / 5.5" (h) x 2.3" (d)


Optic Hand-Blown Crystal Water Jug26cm (h) x 13cm (d) / 10.2" (h) x 5.1" (d)


Optic Hand-Blown Crystal Ice Cream Bowl9cm (h) x 11cm (d) / 3.5" (h) x 4.3" (d)


The happy pigments featured in Moser’s Optic collection cast theatrical shadows in all settings, whether you’re sipping in the sunshine or by candlelight. Talented glassmasters hand-blow each piece in the Czechoslovakian workshop, utilising complex techniques passed down for 150+ years. You'll spot their know-how in the finer details, like the lightness of a carafe or the wide, olive skewer-ready rim of a martini glass.

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Meet the Maker:


It takes dozens of artisans to craft a Moser piece, from cast-makers and colourists who mix the dazzling gemtones to agile blowers who shape the hefty material on the pipe. The Czech glassmaker still cuts lead-free crystal of amazing purity, 165 years since Ludwig Moser handled his first vase.