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Fazzoletto a Canne Hand-Blown Murano Glass Medium Vase


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The Fazzoletto vase is one of the first works designed by Fulvio Bianconi for Venini in 1948. To achieve its sweeping form, a maestro in Murano utilises the 15th-century mano volante (flying hand) technique, where soft moulds are spun around to form the silhouette of a handkerchief swaying in the breeze. Only one glassmaster can perform this gesture, making each creation a true wonder of the world.

Product number: 2211106009

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Meet the Maker:


Venini is one of the oldest Venetian glass masters, established in 1921 by Paolo Venini who yearned for something original. From new layered glass techniques, to reimagining the 16th-century mezza filigrana, the brand redefined glassblowing aesthetics; embracing the avant-garde, while nodding to past traditions. For our exclusive collaboration, we reworked Venini’s most-celebrated Fazzoletto vase, originally made in 1948.