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Micheluzzi Glass Mosso Oceano Hand-Blown Murano Glass Tumbler


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Preserving age-old Murano crafting traditions, Mosso Oceano tumbler by Micheluzzi Glass is characterised by an organic, curved rim and fluid shape. The tumbler is mouth-blown and manipulated whilst molten to achieve a unique form, with slight variations that mean no two are exactly alike. Each piece is signed by the glassmaker.

Product number: 2213201007

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Meet the Maker:

Micheluzzi Glass

Elena and Margherita are the daughters of pioneering Venetian glass artist Massimo Micheluzzi. Surrounded by glass and the evocative Murano furnace, the sisters continue their father's legacy by creating contemporary mouth-blown glassware. Look out for pieces that honour their Venetian heritage – whether that’s through the granziolo or molatura grinding techniques or the signature iridescence. As a result, each piece is a celebration of time-honoured and familial traditions.